I guess it is more or less confirmed that chancing across a telepath would be rarer than you winning the state lottery. Impossible even, some say. Well, good thing there is this thing called technology to even the odds out, where a research group at Keio University with Associate Professor Yasue Mitsukura at the helm have successfully developed a simple brain-wave meter that is said to be able to tell whether a person is showing interest, concentration, desire, stress, or sleepiness – and in real time to boot!

Professor Mitsukura said, “The main feature of this device is that it measures and displays brain waves in real time. So it can measure how sleepy or aversive you are right now, and how much you’re concentrating.” This device will measure brain waves at a position known as FP1, which is an area where emotions are suspected to be expressed. It will define the brain’s state at that point in time through the analysis of various single frequencies alongside an algorithm that was developed to get the job done. No idea on whether law enforcement agencies would love to get a hold on this, but I am quite sure that men might want to have this in their collection of gizmos to understand women better.

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