University of Waterloo neuroscientist Chris Eliasmith has spent the better part of his working years in figuring out just how one is able to build a brain. Well, he has compiled his thoughts into a book that comes complete with instructions, describing the grey matter’s architecture as well as the manner where all of the different components interact. In fact, Eliasmith’s team has come up with Spaun, touted to be “the world’s largest simulation of a functioning brain.”

Spaun is capable of recognizing numbers, taking note of lists and remembering them while writing them down. Heck, it is also capable of passing some basic aspects of an IQ test, although you won’t find it being the evil supercomputer that engineers the downfall of mankind by getting the rest of the machines to unite and work against everyone here on earth. At least not yet.

This simplified model of the brain is a true labor of love, taking more than a year to build, and yet is capable of capturing many aspects of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and psychological behavior.

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