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Neural Implants Will Possibly Make Us Telepathic
We already have some neural interfaces that help connect the brain to a computer using Artifical Intelligence. Even though that is beneficial in the medical sector only, a new report by The Royal Society says that the brain implants might enable us to read other people’s thoughts.

Video Games Can Enlarge Parts Of The Human Brain [Study]
We’re sure many of you who don’t play video games on a regular basis probably think it’s a waste of time, especially if you’re an adult. Although according to a recently published study, those hours you see your husband spending on the couch shooting random opponents in the face in Call of Duty: Ghosts is actually enlarging his brain.

Human Brain Can Now Control Rat's Tail
You know something? The phrase “I don’t give a rat’s ass” might not be too accurate, considering how the rear end of a rat has a tail hanging from it, but in the near future, we might soon see a variant of that particular phrase appear. In fact, Harvard researchers have recently published in PLOS ONE that they were running experiments to study and evaluate the effectiveness of transcranial focused […]

Human Brain Cells Injected Into Mice Results In Boosted Intelligence
We know in the animal kingdom, the human brain is probably considered the cream of the crop as we can do pretty much anything and everything, that is, unless it has to do with going underwater or into space. Then we’ll need some special gear in order to keep our precious brains from exploding in our skulls. But a new experiment may have just shown what the human brain can […]


Scientists Create Virtual Functioning Brain
University of Waterloo neuroscientist Chris Eliasmith has spent the better part of his working years in figuring out just how one is able to build a brain. Well, he has compiled his thoughts into a book that comes complete with instructions, describing the grey matter’s architecture as well as the manner where all of the different components interact. In fact, Eliasmith’s team has come up with Spaun, touted to be […]

Scientists find a way to induce memories in brain
Many of us have seen memories being induced into brains in sci-fi movies. Guess what? This stuff is no longer fiction. While we have seen scientists being able to gather personal information with the help of human-brain interfaces, they have taken yet another leap ahead now.According to a new study, scientists have been able induce memories into brains. The study has been published by Case Western Reserve University School of […]

New Nanoparticle Can Instantly Limit Brain Damage
Molecular biology has played a significant role in a number of recent advancements in the field of neurosurgery. It has helped the researchers understand brain functions better and tackle any untoward circumstances which may damage the brain.Now, the researchers at Rice University are working on a nanoparticle which may turn out to be an elixir for instances where blood flow to the brain is slowed down. Normally, our body releases […]

Brain wave meter shows off desire, concentration, sleepiness and stress levels
I guess it is more or less confirmed that chancing across a telepath would be rarer than you winning the state lottery. Impossible even, some say. Well, good thing there is this thing called technology to even the odds out, where a research group at Keio University with Associate Professor Yasue Mitsukura at the helm have successfully developed a simple brain-wave meter that is said to be able to tell […]

Overclock your brain with a $99 DIY kit
Here is a little lesson in reasoning – your brain is a computer, and hence, if you can overclock computers, surely the same applies to your brain as well. Unfortunately, there are no jumpers or adjustable voltage for us to play with where our brains are concerned, but Benjamin Syzek, a Ph.D neuroscience student at Michigan State University, might beg to differ. He claims that transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) […]

Computer chip does the human brain tango
Hmmm, it seems that computers are slowly making progress in terms of matching the way our brains work – and the keyword here is “plasticity”. Yes sir, this term could very well be the key that enables the grey matter within our skill to learn, change and adapt through our experiences and observations. According to researchers over at MIT, they believe that they managed to have a quantum leap in […]

Scientists Create First Expandable Memory For The Brain
If you’ve watched the Matrix movie you probably remember parts of the movie where the characters “download” various learning tools into their brain, i.e. learning to fly a helicopter or ride a motorbike and learning martial arts in seconds. If you thought that was cool and you wish that perhaps one day you will be able to just stroll in a book store and select programs to “learn”, like learning […]

Teen brain data used to predict the success of a pop song
Teen brain data can be used to predict the success of a pop song, according to the latest findings of scientists at Emory University. They performed an experiment where they got a group of twenty-seven teenagers, aged 12-17 and played them music 120 songs from MySpace pages of relatively unknown musicians without recording contracts. The researchers recorded the teenagers’ neural reactions through functional magnetic resolution imaging (fMRI). They were also […]

Check out a brain in 2D
If you’ve always been curious about how a brain works or how it is laid out there’s tons of information available out there, but at the moment we have very complex diagrams that have been created using diffusion imaging. These images, without anatomical reference and showing more information than necessary is hard even for medical researchers to understand. Well, the researchers at Brown University have managed to simplify these images […]

Petri dish has 12 second memory, longer than some people
Remember the movie 50 First Dates? Well, memory loss can be quite a frustrating thing of experience, but here is an artificial brain that is grown on (where else) but an old school petri dish, comprising of around 60 rat neurons. To put it in plain English, it might not amount to much but the artificial brain there is capable to register around a dozen seconds worth of memory, which […]