Canon has just announced that they have introduced a spanking new firmware update for their Canon EOS 7D DSLR, where it will introduce new functionality that helps improve the EOS 7D’s performance for serious photographers and semi-professional users. This will be a free update, so fret not about forking out more money for your new hobby. Some of the improvements include an increase in the maximum number of burst images taken in the RAW file format that bumps it up to 25ii frames from 15i frames, in addition to the ability to process RAW image files in the camera itself, not to mention having the option to set a maximum ISO setting in ISO Auto mode.

This particular firmware update also introduces the ability to adjust up to 64 audio levels manually before you perform a video recording procedure, in addition to custom file naming, as well as making the Canon EOS 7D compatible with Canon’s recently introduced optional GPS Receiver GP-E2. Just like the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III, a new submenu is introduced with the EOS 7D firmware update so that photographers are able to modify the first four characters of file names from the camera itself without requiring to access ac omputer. This new firmware upgrade is on its way for an early August release, so stay tuned! [Press Release]

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