We do know that “thin is in”, or so the mantra goes not only in the world of beauty and fashion, but for modern designs as well, even in the area of consumer electronics. After all, haven’t you seen your notebooks getting slimmer and slimmer, that it is now a true work of art whenever you lift up the Ultrabook in your hands? Enter the Corning Willow Glass, where it is an extremely flexible glass that might just change the way future and next generation mobile devices function.

Basically, Corning Willow Glass will allow thin, light and cost-efficient applications including slim displays of today and the smart surfaces of the future. Despite being so thin that it is flexible, the glass itself remains flexible, allowing displays to be “wrapped” around a device or structure. Not only that, it is processed at temperatures of up to 500 deg C, allowing it to be flexible enough to bend without breaking. It will play nice with touch sensors, and since glass is naturally hermetic, it is ideal to function as a seal for OLED displays and other moisture and oxygen-sensitive technologies. [Press Release]

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