“I’m sorry, but I’m still at home, and my car’s at the workshop so I will be sitting tonight’s session out with you guys. Perhaps another time?” You might have heard of this excuse before, but there is this niggling thought at the back of your head, wondering whether your always connected once-best-mate is being totally honest with you, or just do not know how to tell you that he has a date tonight. Perhaps Facebook might reveal the truth, with the new “Find Friends Nearby” feature that is alive and kicking. There has been no official announcement from Facebook just yet, but this feature was caught already working on the Facebook iOS app, Android app, and the mobile version of the site.

As the name suggests, “Find Friends Nearby” will let you locate Facebook users depending on where they are at the moment, showing off a list based on geolocation data. For users to actually show up on the list, they will need to check out the very same page at the same time you are, which means it is very easy to miss someone who might just be in the Starbucks a block down simply because he/she did not bother to check out the “Find Friends Nearby” segment. We do look forward to hear more from Facebook concerning this feature.

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