When it comes to the visually impaired, phones with physical keyboards provide better access since the keys can be felt, and those with an idea of the layout of the keyboard will roughly know where each letter is. However when it comes to smartphones with full touchscreen displays, that’s a different story altogether. While there are accessibility options for the visually impaired, an app called Fleksy by Syntellia is looking to take that accessibility to the next level.

Using a patent-pending piece of software, Fleksy offers the visually impaired an onscreen keyboard with a very shocking prediction accuracy rate. While they did not really offer how the software is able to detect and predict words, the video above is a pretty amazing display of predictive accuracy, where strings of alphabets that appear to be gibberish are transformed into words that the typist was looking for! It is a standalone tool as opposed to a built-in keyboard, so users would have to copy the text to paste into emails, text messages, etc. However the team behind it are hoping to see iOS integration in the future.

The app has been submitted to Apple for approval but if you’d like to learn more about the software, be sure to check out the video above or head on over to their website to follow its progress.

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