We do know that Google’s Street View service offers a different take when it comes to navigating your way through an area visually, which makes it feel as though you are there yourself, minus the smells and the sounds, of course. Having said that, Google’s choice of recording Street View images is through the use of vehicles, as going around on bicycles or your own two legs are not going to cut the mustard if you have an unusually large area to cover. However, when it comes to some places that might be deemed as inaccessible for vehicles, there is no other choice but to walk – and this is where the mobile Street View backpack comes in handy.

This new capture tool can be worn on a person’s back, where it maps and photograph areas where even a bicycle or snowmobile find it difficult to reach. Obviously, it will run on the Android platform, and has a couple of batteries to keep it running for an entire day – at least that is what Google claims. You have got to be fit to lug this around even on your back, since it tips the scales at 40-odd pounds. Google has plans for this mobile Street View backpack to traverse National Parks, the Grand Canyon, castles, and ruins amongst others in due time.

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