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Explore The International Space Station With Google Street View
There are countless destinations in this world that you can explore with Google Street View, but what about destinations outside this globe of ours? Google Street View now makes it possible to take a tour of the International Space Station from the comfort of our sofas. This is the first time that Street View is covering a destination in space and it’s a glorious one.

Top Gear Test Track Added To Google Street View
Fans of the famous British motoring show Top Gear will know its equally famous test track very well. Definitely the envy of many a YouTube motoring show host, the track is mainly used for trying out the very best of cars that appear on the BBC show, apart from hosting the “Star in the Reasonably Priced Car,” celebrities who try going around it in record time while driving an average […]

Google Street View Takes Us Through The Canals, Streets Of Venice, Italy
We’ve seen Google Street View bring us some amazing views that we probably wouldn’t be able to see unless we decide to travel around the world. Earlier this year, Google gave us unrestricted access to a number of NFL stadiums, and today, the search giant is taking us to the watery canals of Venice, Italy.

Google Street View Vehicle Crashes Into Multiple Vehicles In Indonesia
It’s been quite the interesting year for Google Street View drivers as just this past summer, one was pulled over by police in Japan while another was detained by Thai villagers thinking the driver was spying on them. Now, we’re hearing reports a Google Street View vehicle was not only involved in a failed hit-and-run, but as a result of their driving, they rammed into two busses and a truck.


Google Street View Driver Detained By Thai Villagers
 We’ve heard of Google Street View drivers getting into trouble with the local authorities in the past, but one driver recently got into a little bit more trouble than simply being pulled over by the police in Japan. Instead, the driver was detained by a mob of Thai villagers as the locals believed the vehicle was doing some secret reconnaissance of the area.

Google Street View Lets You Follow The 2013 Tour de France
It seems that with Google Street View, you do not need to leave the comfort of your own home in order to pay a visit to faraway dream places, such as what we talked about at the end of last month when the entire Burj Khalifa was mapped out on Google Street View. This time around, it would be the 100th Tour de France that will benefit from Street View, […]

Google Street View Car Gets Pulled Over In Japan
The Google Street View car seems to have gotten in a bit of trouble over in Japan.

Grand Theft Auto IV Explorable Through Google Street View
You can now make your way across Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City through Google Street View.

Apple Patent Hints At Their Own Version Of Google Street View
You would think after what Apple went through with its Maps application which was released on iOS 6, they would try to copy Google a lot less considering how much everyone, even Apple themselves , hated the results. But it looks as though they may be following in Google’s footsteps as a new patent was filed by Apple showing something that looks a lot like Google Street View.Apple’s “3D Position Tracking for […]

Google-Powered Wii Street U Available On Wii U Free For A Limited Time
Google Maps with street view has made its way to the Nintendo Wii U today as a free for a limited time download, which was previously only available in Japan last week.The application is called Wii Street U and as we previously mentioned, the application will allow you to not only navigate through Google Maps as you would expect on your computer or mobile device, but you also use the […]

Google Maps add underwater Street View for coral reefs
Ever wanted to see the great coral reefs of the world but don’t have the time, money, or expertise to fly down to Australia and go scuba diving? Google, along with the Catlin Seaview Survey, have taken hundreds of panoramic photos down below and have posted the resulting pictures online in Google’s Street View interface. The photos were taken with a specially designed 360-degree camera, the Seaview SVII, which is […]

Google parades mobile Street View backpack
We do know that Google’s Street View service offers a different take when it comes to navigating your way through an area visually, which makes it feel as though you are there yourself, minus the smells and the sounds, of course. Having said that, Google’s choice of recording Street View images is through the use of vehicles, as going around on bicycles or your own two legs are not going […]

Google Street View project to being in India
Google’s Street View project has arrived in the world’s second most populous country, India. Starting from Thursday onwards, it intends to collect panoramic images of the vast country, all the way from luxurious palaces, mausoleums (Taj Mahal, anyone?), and its slums (with a millionaire kid in the making, perhaps?). The 360-degree photographic mapping service currently operates in over 25 countries, and India is an interesting proposition since the project will […]

Pro-Google Vigilantes Egg Homes Of Folks Who Opt-out Of Street View
Google Street View is a controversial service to many folks, especially since there was a rather painful incident of data gathering recently. Then again, there are some folks who really like the service and have actually gone to great lengths to show it. Reports are in that some fans in Germany are throwing eggs at the houses of folks who choose to have their home blurred out in Street View. […]

FTC Drops Google Street View Inquiry
Google has been in some hot water after it collected some sensitive data while working on its Street View service. There is some good news for the search giant, though, as the Federal Trade Commission has dropped the investigation into the matter in the US. The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection wrote Google a formal letter stating that it’s satisfied with Google’s actions to fix the situation and also appoint […]

Google Required To Publish Italian Street View Car Routes Three Days In Advance
Google’s Street View service that allows you to view maps at street level is incredibly useful and not to mention controversial. If you’ve previously read about the pranksters (pictured above) who like to tail the Google Street View cars, it’s going to get a lot easier for them in Italy as the country has demanded that Google start giving people in that country three days warning via radio and newspapers […]

Nokia Developing 3D Rival To Google Street View
Nokia and its mapping division Navteq are busy developing a rival to Google’s Street View, a service that will apparently offer full 3D computer models of villages, towns and cities. According to them, while Google’s Street View provides panoramic views from many of the world’s streets, it still falls short of a true 3D experience. What Nokia is working on is full 3D rendering of our locations and environments. This […]

Google Sued Over Google Street View Data Sniffing
Last week, Google has admitted that Google Street View cars have been sniffing data from WIFI networks (official announcement). The goal was probably to get a map of MAC addresses (device IDs) in relation to their geo-location. However, it looks like fragments of data (files..) have been scrapped in the process. A case has been opened (in Oregon) in which the plaintiffs claim that Google has stored private information on […]

Google Street View Team Accidentally Catches Wi-Fi Data
While many people love the free services that Google offers to the public, there are many folks out there who are concerned about the amount of personal data that Google manages to accumulate. A recent incident has surfaced; possibly highlighting that even Google can mess up from time to time. The issue we’re talking about is that Google’s Street View cars using panoramic cameras over the last few years managed […]