Just what kind of PC case design appeals to you? Do you want something that looks totally out from the future, or is something more traditional your cup of tea? Well, the Green Mesh PC case will appeal to the non-traditionalists, where it is a new fanless PC case that is made out of mesh. Forget about a fully enclosed case complete with fan ports – the Green Mesh PC case leans more towards an open-air concept, showing off everything underneath the hood with a mesh acting as a physical barrier. There is one major drawback to this though – maintenance levels would be high, since there is absolutely no filter whatsoever to prevent dust from accumulating within, sprouting family after family of dust bunnies in due time.

However, the Taiwanese manufacturer behind the Green Mesh PC case claims otherwise – they say that the open-air design is the very same reason as to why dust will not accumulate within the case. Not only that, they boast that the Green Mesh PC case will in fact, have up to 75% less dust compared to a standard PC tower case. This is apparently made possible thanks to the “chimney effect” – where hot air will rise, acting as a barrier against dust. I suppose this happens optimally when the PC is running, but what happens when it is turned off?

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