ORIGIN PC Introduces “Most Advanced” Customizable Desktop Case

[CES 2014] ORIGIN PC has a couple of new desktop computer cases for the masses as CES 2014 kicks off with aplomb – offering the all new GENESIS and MILLENNIUM desktop cases which are said to redefine custom high-performance PCs thanks to its aggressive industrial design alongside an exclusive patent pending feature that is known as Variable Mounting. Variable Mounting happens to be a breakthrough feature which will enable the […]

Green Mesh PC case bares all

Just what kind of PC case design appeals to you? Do you want something that looks totally out from the future, or is something more traditional your cup of tea? Well, the Green Mesh PC case will appeal to the non-traditionalists, where it is a new fanless PC case that is made out of mesh. Forget about a fully enclosed case complete with fan ports – the Green Mesh PC […]

Lian-Li CK-101 PC case chugs along like a train

PC case mods are really interesting – as they allow you to express the more creative side of you. Lian-Li has long released cases of different shapes and sizes for numerous needs in the past, and here we are with their latest release – the Lian-Li CK-101 PC case. This is a unique design by all means, coming in the form factor of a chugging steam train, albeit with hard […]

Lego computer case houses three computers

Lego blocks are some of the most versatile toys ever invented. From making impressive models like the Super Star Destroyer to creating fully functioning turntables, these building blocks from Denmark seem to be usable in almost every way imaginable. While this isn’t the first Lego PC case mod we’ve seen, this is one of the most impressive.Created by Mike Schropp, this massive Lego PC case made out of 2,000 black […]


Lian Li Desktop PC-C60 case

Lian Li might sound a bit corny when it comes to a company name, but you can be sure that performance enthusiasts who want to build a souped up rig would not discount the kinds of PC chassis that Lian Li offer, and their latest all-aluminum chassis model would be the HTPC/Desktop PC-C60. This will be the latest addition to their Domus series of the HTPC range, where it will […]

Cooler Master Silencio 550 tower case loves shacking up with librarians

Silence is golden, which is why manufacturers of some hardware tout the silence of their devices as part of the deal. Well, Cooler Master, a veteran in churning out PC cases and chassis for the masses, has another tower in the making that will have those who treasure silence lvoe it – the aptly named Silencio 550. Merging style and smoothness, with strength and stealth, Cooler Master’s Silencio 550 has […]

Lian Li PC-U6 Cowry PC case turns on the style

Lian Li has been out of the news for quite some time already, so it is rather pleasant to hear that they are back with a spanking new special edition PC case known as the PC-U6 Cowry. This will be an all-black (to look more menacing, we might add) PC case that sports the rather unique design characteristics of a seashell. At last, you need not have another boring, rectangular […]

Hello Kitty M11KT Micro ATX case has its fair share of fans

Make no mistake about it, we are very sure that there is a huge following of Hello Kitty fans out there, which is why this cute little white feline has been in business for the longest time already.This cute little M11KT Micro ATX case is now up and available for sale, where you will be able to throw in desktop friendly components such as an Intel Pentium E5700 or E6700 […]

ASUS motherboard boxes double up as PC cases

If there’s one thing we’re always keen on seeing, it’s the initiatives that manufacturers take in order to go greener. ASUS has recently come up with an idea to allow consumers to easily reuse the cardboard boxes that their motherboards are packaged in. Instead of giving people a regular box and a waste of material that users simply discard of once they’ve unboxed their motherboards, the boxes can be easily […]

Coobeeo HELLO-Q PC case for LEGO fans

Are you a huge fan of LEGO and love DIY projects? If the answer is in the affirmative and you love computers, then you will most probably be interested in the Coobeeo HELLO-Q PC case. Granted, it won’t look suitable if your office is full of suits, but this Taiwan-based PC tower case manufacturer case will definitely be a whole lot more at home in your living room for your […]

Moneual Lab Dual Screen PC case

Now here is certainly a computer case that will have you wishing your computer’s next upgrade cycle is already up. We’re talking about the Moneual Lab Dual Screen PC case, where it comes in the form factor of a tower-style case, boasting a tall and slender LCD display which can be used as a secondary monitor to display a range of widgets to tickers, toolbars or other applications that need […]

Thermaltake Element V NVIDIA Edition full tower chassis

If you’re a serious gamer, you would definitely own a custom-built machine, using nothing but the best parts your money can buy. Thermaltake is a name to consider if you’re looking for the first (and only) NVIDIA-certified full-tower chassis for next-generation ultra-high performance graphics cards in the world. We’re talking about the Thermaltake Element V NVIDIA Edition here, where it is capable of playing nice with the latest NVIDIA GeForce […]

Lian Li PC-V351 Review (HTPC aluminum case)

I’ve recently severed ties with Cable TV and I use a PC to watch Hulu and Netflix to get my daily fix of TV shows. Even live programs like CNN could not keep me from going “web” and so far, I really like it. I’m currently using a Cooler Master Wave my Home Theater PC case, but when I got a chance to look at the Lian Li PC-V351, I […]

Huntkey H403 PC case

Huntkey Enterprise Group has just revealed their H403 PC case that will target DIY enthusiasts, where the H403 is a sturdy case that is characterized by friendly design and futuristic lines for ATX/ Micro ATX motherboard formats without compromising on avant-garde features. It is also equipped with a decent cooling structure which complies with Intel TAC 2.0 heat dissipation specifications, where it embodies the qualities of stability and functionality. You […]