The HALO Trust was founded in 1988, and it is proud to be the oldest and largest humanitarian landmine clearance organization in the world. Just how much technology gets involved in their efforts? One thing’s for sure, you cannot rule Google Earth out of the equation, as it is part of HALO Trust’s tools to clear more than 414,000 acres of land while removing more than 13 million landmines in addition to other explosive remnants. Google Earth has been part of HALO Trust’s efforts since 2006, where Google Earth Pro worked in fields of minefield survey, data validation, quality control and was also used to produce maps for donors, governments, and other NGOs.

Basically, you are able to take a tour of the mine-affected areas in the countries of Cambodia and Angola with the HALO Trust using Google Earth, and view how efforts for the past half dozen years have borne fruit, where communities feel safer wherever they walk. For those who have not watched “The Lady” yet, go ahead – I trust you will find the minefield scene to be extremely moving.

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