The HTC One S is one of the better looking smartphones out there, sporting a unibody made out of metal, but as mom always said – do not judge a book by its cover, and in this case, regardless of how beautiful the exterior is, make sure the software controlling the handset does not fall short in terms of performance. Unfortunately, there seems to be a software glitch on the HTC One S that affected a handful of owners, where said smartphone will switch between the home screen and helicopter view of all homescreens at the most random of moments, and if you make attempts to make the phone behave through its three capacitive buttons, the handset would just hang – i other words, it would stop responding.

How do you solve this without removing the battery? If you are quick enough to lock and unlock the phone, then it ought to behave normally, although this is but a temporary solution. The video above shows such a mischievious handset in action, and HTC has started to receive defective One S models for repair, although no universal solution is in sight – yet. Hopefully HTC will be able to come up with a fix soon enough. I wonder if the new 1.7GHz enabled One S model is also affected…

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