HTC Rezound ICSThere was word going around more than a week ago that a leaked version of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system for the HTC Rezound started to make its way around the Internet, leading many people to speculate that an actual release is very, very close. Having said that, HTC’s website had also mentioned that the Android 4.0 update for the HTC Rezound is good to go, uploading a changelist dated June 20th in the process so that HTC Rezound users will be able to know just what kind of changes are in store with the Ice Cream Sandwich release. It is rather ‘unfortunate’, so to speak, that Verizon remained silent on their website concerning the update, and nary a single software update was sent over to the smartphone yesterday.

The latest software version is 3.14.605.10 710RD, and when installed, it ought to also update the VCAST Media manager to Backup Assistant Plus, not to mention throwing in Caller Name ID application across all apps. Apart from that, should there be any problems that arise with time zones on the clock widget, those would also have been fixed for good. You might want to continue checking whether the update is making its way to the HTC Rezound by going to Menu > Settings > Software Update > Check New.

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