At the moment both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S’ Retina display packs a pretty impressive 326 ppi, although that number may soon be overtaken thanks to a new technology demonstrated by Japan Display. This new technology will feature a 1280×800 resolution, which some of you might be asking, so what? Well consider this – Japan Display’s technology has managed to cram a display resolution of 1280×800 into a screen size of 2.3” across. To save you the time from doing the math, this translates to about 651 ppi which is double that of the iPhone 4/4S, making this a “super” Retina display or whatever the industry will eventually call it. Of course it’d be great to see such technology make its way onto displays in the near future, although it does seem unlikely considering just how much impact it’d have on the GPU, but what do you guys think? Is 651 ppi overkill?


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