If you’re looking to recreate photos back in good old days, Lomo cameras are a great way to go about doing so. For the uninitiated, Lomo cameras bring about certain effects and colors that makes it look like the photos were taken with a busted up camera or a really old one. With that being said, Lomo enthusiasts will now be able to look forward to the 110 camera, which will allow users to snap fisheye photos with a camera that is small enough to fit into your pocket. Dubbed the Fisheye Baby 110, there will be variations of this camera – a regular one and a “metal” one, with the latter featuring a PC socket to allow the triggering flash and will be made from metal.

Apart from that, both cameras will feature similar specs. This comes in the form of a 170 degree fisheye lens, a viewfinder, shutter speeds of either 100/sec or bulb and an aperture of f/8, which means that taking photos in low light conditions might not yield such great results unless you have a flash unit on standby. Lomo enthusiasts can expect to pay $39 for the regular version and $59 for the metal version. More information on the Fisheye Baby 110 camera can be found on the Lomography page along with order information.

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