Meizu was one of the first few companies to come up with what they call the iPhone killer, although it is without a doubt that Meizu failed in its objective. I am quite surprised to see the smartphone company last all the way till today, as I still have not seen any of my friends carry a single Meizu device all these years. Surely someone out there has been using Meizu phones to warrant the company not throwing in the towel? Well, the Meizu MX has just been renamed to the Meizu MX 4-core recently, where it will be made available for sale from June 30th onwards.

The 32GB model will retail for around $400 after conversion, while those who want double the storage space can settle for a $530 Meizu MX 4-core, or thereabouts. Forget about the 16GB model – it does not look likely at this point in time for such a capacity to be released. You will be able to choose from ivory white, milky lime, lilac purple and misty pink colors.

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