[E3 2012] Earlier today we reported that Microsoft could be unveiling the Xbox Live Companion app at E3, and true enough they did. In fact it’s actually known as the Xbox SmartGlass and in case you missed our earlier coverage, the Xbox SmartGlass is essentially an app for smartphones and tablets that allows Xbox 360 developers to create content that could be streamed to the app. This would allow smartphones and tablets to double up as a secondary display of sorts, much like how the Nintendo 3DS’ dual displays, where one displays the main gameplay while the other displays information like maps, status, etc.

Now instead of requiring players to purchase an additional device, Microsoft may already have a player base who just needs to download the app onto their smartphone or tablet device. For example in one of the examples they showed, it was a scene from HBO’s Game of Thrones and with the television showing the show itself, the tablet displayed additional content such as the map that the current character was in. The Xbox SmartGlass will also allow Xbox owners to perform computer-like tasks, such as using it as a touchpad for a mouse. As far as games are concerned, it looks like HALO 4 will be one of the games that will be utilizing the Xbox SmartGlass, and while video functionality is compatible with iOS and Android devices, extended game functionality appears was specifically noted for Windows devices only (i.e. Windows 8 tablets and Windows Phone devices).

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