Ben Heck, the modding guru whom I have run out of superlatives to describe his creations, is back with a power glove that was inspired by the Minority Report movie which is said to make your Kinect experience on the Xbox 360 even more precise and engaging. This futuristic looking, motion-controlled power glove was specially designed to augment the Xbox 360 Kinect user experience, and this is what Ben had to say about his latest invention.


“Most people know I’m an avid gamer, but they may not know that I’m a huge fan of Steven Spielberg movies. I was particularly excited for this latest project because I was able to morph myself into a science fiction character to create a new accessory for the ultimate gamers’ arsenal allowing fellow diehards to control their Xbox Kinect when the remote is out of reach.”

An Arduino-embedded processor and an accelerometer will work in tandem alongside a standard leather glove, delivering an intuitive and precise manner for one to be able to navigate through the Xbox 360 Kinect. It will definitely require a fair amount of programming to get the job done, where Ben wired up the glove using standard IR code as well as communication protocols so that one can use hand and arm gestures to select games and movies on the console without breaking a sweat.

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