When it comes to browsers on mobile devices, they usually come with default browsers installed, such as Safari for iOS. However there are third party browsers available such as Opera, Skyfire, Dolphin, etc but if you don’t fancy yourself a Safari or Opera user and you really prefer Mozilla’s FireFox, you might be interested to learn that Mozilla is working on designing a browser interface that has been optimized for tablet devices in hopes to capture a share of the iPad’s browsing market. Codenamed “junior”, Mozilla’s efforts includes a full-screen experience which shows off a pretty simplified interface which they claim will not simply be a port of the desktop version onto mobile devices.


For starters they appear to have gotten rid of tabs, although given that Junior is still in its prototype phase, perhaps it could be introduced at a later date. Instead they have limited the user interface to two buttons – a back button and a plus button, which when pressed will offer users more options as to what they will be able to do with their browser. Mozilla has also introduced a multiple profile feature where users will be able to login to their account and presumably will have their preferences, bookmarks, etc loaded. At this point in time it does not look as if Mozilla will be shipping their iPad browser any time soon, but if you’d like to learn more about what they will be introducing or what they have up their sleeves, pop on over to their website for the details and video. Until then, what do you guys think of this?

[Image credit – The Verge]

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