A couple of days ago during E3, Nintendo detailed several new features of the Wii U console. They revealed the console’s newly designed GamePad along with several exciting games, but what they had failed to mention, which was picked up by many, was the pricing and release date. While the console itself is cool and the games look fun, what’s the use if we don’t know when we will be able to get it, right? However it looks like a November release date might have been outed by Ubisoft engine architect David Martinez. Speaking to the folks at GameXplain, Martinez confirmed that the game will be launching when the console launches. When pressed as to when that might, he said that he thinks it might be in November, and this was after his colleague suggested he refer that question to  a Nintendo rep. This is not the first time we’ve heard about November being a possible release date, and this further corroborates it. Will it pan out? We guess we will have to wait and see, but until then you can check out the interview above for yourselves.


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