[E3 2012] OnLive is demonstrating its updated in-browser gaming and OnLive MultiView features. Onlive has made it easier for partners and third parties to integrate its technology to their websites to allow gamers to play a game from the browser.

This makes it easier for users to test a game demo, without having to download and install any software, not even OnLive’s client. You can imagine many ways to operate something like this: for example, game companies can build a demo platform and be assured that regardless of the hardware running OnLive, the experience will be good. This is not limited to demos. In theory, the technology could OnLive to create a paid service as well.

With MultiView, OnLive users can now watch the screen of up to three other players, which lets you see what your friends’ screens while you are playing. OnLive’s infrastructure already had all the pieces to make this happen, so they made a nice implementation of it. Being able to see what your friends are doing can be very helpful when playing in cooperative mode, so this is actually affecting gameplay.

On the hardware side, OnLive is demonstrating its service on LG’s latest G2 Google TV which is equipped with the LG L9 dual-core chip. This version includes all the new features, including MultiView and Brag Clip, a video capture feature that lets gamers share their best gaming performances on Facebook. The LG TV is also compatible with the OnLive game controllers.

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