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OnLive Game Streaming Service To Call It Quits
All good things must come to an end, and while that is a universal saying, one should also take note that even not so good things, too, do come to an end, and the latter does provide a sense of relief along the way as well. We bring you word that the OnLive video game streaming platform has recently announced that it will be shutting down operations before April is […]

LG G2 Series HDTV gets OnLive Cloud Gaming
The LG G2 television just got Google Voice Search, but this is not the end of the story: if you are thinking of getting an LG G2 Series HDTV, there is yet one more thing to consider: out of the box Cloud Gaming with OnLive. Given that the LG G2 Series has an internal LG L9 dual core chip, it has more than enough processing power to run the OnLive […]

OnLive to continue operations under new management [official]
OnLive has changed a lot since last Friday when the company was “restructured” into a new company according to a recent official announcement. To do so, all the assets of OnLive Inc were sold to the new company. The good news for customers is that Lauder Partners is injecting enough money to allow OnLive to continue its service without any interruption.After laying off half of its employees, the company says […]

OnLive Game Streaming Company Goes Under
OnLive, the most prominent game streaming company is no more. The Company has apparently been experiencing financial difficulties, and had to lay off about half of its staff. People left the company with boxes late on Friday. The company says that its assets have been purchased by a “newly formed company with substantial funding”.I’ve discussed the challenges of the cloud gaming business back in 2008, but the news came as […]


OnLive will be available on OUYA at launch
While the Android-powered OUYA will be designed to run free indie games, what about triple A titles from major studios that don’t release games for Android? It looks like that won’t be a problem. OnLive, the video game service that offers cloud-based streaming PC and console games, today announced that OnLive will be available on OUYA one day one! This means while you’ll be able to play regular Android games […]

OnLive Universal Controller to support Nexus 7 tablet soon
One of the selling points of HTC’s Flyer tablet was its ability to play games via OnLive’s cloud game streaming service, and it looks like the Nexus 7 tablet is going to be able just as good when it comes to gaming as well. According to reports online, OnLive is working on making its OnLive Universal Controller functional with the Google tablet. This means that users won’t have to bother […]

Onlive shows in-browser gaming and social-gaming at E3
[E3 2012] OnLive is demonstrating its updated in-browser gaming and OnLive MultiView features. Onlive has made it easier for partners and third parties to integrate its technology to their websites to allow gamers to play a game from the browser.This makes it easier for users to test a game demo, without having to download and install any software, not even OnLive’s client. You can imagine many ways to operate something […]

Sony to announce PlayStation cloud gaming service at E3? [Rumor]
Interested in a cloud service arriving for your PlayStation devices? If you are, rumor has it that come E3, Sony could very well be announcing such a service. According to the folks at VG247, Sony has reportedly struck a deal with either OnLive or Gaikai in order to bring this cloud gaming service onto their PlayStation hardware, although it was not announced if this service would only be for the […]

SEGA Genesis games arriving on OnLive
If growing up with a SEGA Genesis (Mega Drive for some of you) was part of your childhood, you’ll be excited to know that OnLive is going to bring back some of your favorite games from that golden age of gaming. OnLive announced that it is launching over 40 Sega Genesis games into PlayPack over the next four weeks and it wants to know which games you would like to […]

OnLive Desktop violates Microsoft's licensing terms?
Remember the OnLive Desktop app that lets you run Windows on your tablet? Well, it looks like the app/service might be in trouble. According to reports online and an announcement on Microsoft’s Technet blog, OnLive’s Desktop and Desktop Plus services may be in violation of Microsoft’s licensing terms. While this spells bad news for the service, Microsoft did announce that it is actively engaged with OnLive “with the hope of […]

OnLive Desktop app now for Android tablets
OnLive launched its OnLive Desktop app for the iPad earlier this year with the promise of an Android version in the near future, and it looks like the day has finally arrived. OnLive announced that the OnLive Desktop app is now available for Android devices. For those not in the know, OnLive Desktop brings the whole desktop computer experience to your tablet. First of all, it’s not like SplashTop where […]

OnLive Desktop Plus now lets you enjoy Flash on your iPad at high-speeds
OnLive Desktop for the iPad was released not too long ago, and today OnLive has announced the launch of its new app: OnLive Desktop Plus. Available today, the app has all the features of OnLive Desktop with the addition of “gigabit-speed accelerated browsing with full Adobe Flash.” OnLive Desktop Plus is said to be the fastest Flash browser available on the iPad right now. In addition to loading Flash content […]

OnLive brings cloud gaming to Google TV
[CES 2012] OnLive is certainly making a lot of progress when it comes to bringing its cloud gaming service to every available platform on the market. As if working on living room consoles, tablets and computers wasn’t enough – the company has now announced the OnLive will soon be available on Google TV. In the meantime while we wait for OnLive to get the app ready on Google TV, OnLive […]

OnLive Desktop: Windows virtualization made easy and cool
OnLive, the company that made the Cloud Gaming idea work, has announced OnLive Desktop, a remote desktop application that brings Windows 7 into the iPad, but this app does not control your PC. Instead, it gives you access to a Windows instance running inside OnLive. The company claims that this new variant of remote desktop does bring all the power of Windows 7 and more. OnLive Desktop brings multi-touch gestures, […]