PC case mods come in all shapes and sizes, but they typically return to metal casings as their choice of material. However in this instance, PC case modder Pirate has decided to go with a medium-density fiberboard, which was his attempt at avoiding having to buy a new desk or going to a metal working shop to get pieces custom made. Unfortunately fiberboard is hardly the best conductor for heat which is why a rather robust cooling system was needed. This resulted in a rig that utilized five fans – three exhaust, two intake,  a radiator along with a liquid cooling system. If you think that this sounds a bit overboard, well it seems like his efforts have paid off as the system sits at roughly 88F (31C) with ambient temperatures around 79F (26C), which admittedly is pretty good.

As far as the hardware specs of his rig is concerned, it sports an Intel Core i5-2500k processor, a Radeon HD 7950 GPU with a water cooling block, and three Dell UltraSharp monitors in an eyefinity setup. This is a pretty cool setup and if you’d like to see how he put it all together, pop on over to his website (warning: image heavy!) for the details.

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