Let’s face it gamers, how many of us have cracked open a can of Red Bull (or any other energy drink) during long periods of gaming? While it isn’t exactly an inconvenience to get out of the chair and head to the kitchen and grab a can from the fridge, wouldn’t it be so much cooler if we could reach for a can without having to leave our seat? Short of installing a mini-fridge in your room, this Battlefield case mod has taken it to the next level with a built-in fridge of its own.

The case mod built by Brian Carter features giant military styled toggle switches to turn on the computer, a massive crosshair-styled intake fan, a drinks fridge on the size (hidden in the first aid pack), and a massive chaingun (we’re assuming it’s a fake) sticking out in the middle! Now we’re not sure exactly how cold the built-in fridge is, but even if you take that out of the equation, the spinning chaingun, the Battlefield inspired art airbrushed on one side and the giant toggle switches alone make for a pretty impressive case mod. For more photos of the case mod in action, head on over to the source link.

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