There are PC case mods, and then there are even more awesome PC case mods. Some might think that case modding for their PCs merely involves outfitting it with liquid cooling systems or stuffing them with LED lights. While that can be considered modding to a certain extent, this Incredible Hulk PC case mod by Derrick Johnson is indeed a sight to behold! Highlighted at Quakecon 2012, as you can see in the photo above, this case mod has been decked out in bright green neon lights, action figures of the Hulk and other Marvel superheroes while sitting on top of what appears to be “radioactive” ooze.

It is certainly one of the more unique case mods we’ve come across so far, although it seems that this is Johnson’s fifth case mod victory at Quakecon so we guess it’s no surprise that this is what he has come up with. Seeing as how high the bar has been set this year, it will be interesting to see what Johnson will come up with for Quakecon 2013. In the meantime additional photos of the case mod can be found in the source link below.

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