There are times when your phone gets too hot and overheats. This can be attributed to overclocking, watching videos for extended periods of time or basically running any app that might require a lot of processing power. Either that or it could be faulty hardware/software. In any case overheating could cause a couple of problems, such as drastic reduction in battery and could even permanently damage your phone. Now we know that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 SoC is a pretty powerful piece of hardware, but instead of showing off just how powerful their hardware is, Qualcomm decided to show off their Snapdragon S4’s thermal efficiency in a comparison video.

The manufacturer basically took two competitors’ chips and pitted it against their own in a butter melting contest. According to Qualcomm’s Vidyasagar Rao, butter starts melting at 35C and that the hottest chip was hitting temperatures of 55C, yikes! Imagine putting that in your pocket. Anyway seeing is believing, so check out the video above for some butter melting goodness.

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