You might not think of Samsung when it comes to video gaming, but all of that might change in due time, where Samsung has stepped forward to unveil its latest cloud-based gaming service that is known as “Samsung Cloud Gaming”. Samsung Cloud Gaming was developed alongside Gaikai, a leading cloud-based video game platform provider, where this service is said to stream a mix of family-friendly and AAA video games straight to your 2012 Samsung LED 7000 series and up Smart TVs, as long as you reside in the US, that is.

Hmmm, does this mean casual gaming has arrived in our living rooms through the medium known as the smart TV? Perhaps, and just what kind of controllers will gamers be able to use? I do not think that what Samsung Cloud Gaming offers is going to punch a hole in the home video game console’s armor, but it will definitely broaden the horizon of casual gaming in the living room. Personally, I think that playing a casual game on such a large display is a waste of visual real estate – give me a “real” video game that is hard core enough to warrant a release on a console any day. [Press Release]

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