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Xbox One Cloud Updates May Reboot Your Console While Playing A Game
We learned just a few weeks ago the PlayStation 4 will have a day-one patch available to unlock some of the console’s major features, which thankfully can be downloaded in the background while you get yourself better acquainted with your new next-generation console. Over in Microsoft’s camp, the Xbox One will also have a day-one patch available, altough the console’s Cloud updates may pose a problem if you’re right in […]

LG G2 Series HDTV gets OnLive Cloud Gaming
The LG G2 television just got Google Voice Search, but this is not the end of the story: if you are thinking of getting an LG G2 Series HDTV, there is yet one more thing to consider: out of the box Cloud Gaming with OnLive. Given that the LG G2 Series has an internal LG L9 dual core chip, it has more than enough processing power to run the OnLive […]

AMD invests into CiiNOW, a cloud gaming company
AMD has just announced that it has become an investor in CiiNOW, a cloud gaming company that streams PC games to any client devices like computers, smartphones, tablets or set top boxes. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is very similar to OnLive and Gaikai. CiiNOW is a bit different in the sense that instead of providing a service directly to end-users, it offers a white-label platform for others […]

Samsung Cloud Gaming unveiled
You might not think of Samsung when it comes to video gaming, but all of that might change in due time, where Samsung has stepped forward to unveil its latest cloud-based gaming service that is known as “Samsung Cloud Gaming”. Samsung Cloud Gaming was developed alongside Gaikai, a leading cloud-based video game platform provider, where this service is said to stream a mix of family-friendly and AAA video games straight […]


G Cloud LTE cloud gaming service to debut in October
Ubitus Inc. might not be a name that you are familiar with, but it might soon explode across the world as they are already a leader in cloud computing, with plans to roll out the first LTE cloud gaming service in the world, dubbing it the G Cloud. G Cloud will launch in October, but it seems as though Japan will be the first to enjoy such a service courtesy […]

OnLive Cloud Gaming Service Does Away With Monthly Fees
OnLive’s cloud gaming service has just become very much more appealing as it has been confirmed that the previous monthly fee will be scrapped and you won’t need to use your credit card unless you decide to purchase a 3-day, 5-day, or Full PlayPass. A promotion was previously available that waived the monthly fee for the first year, but this announcement confirms that they believe the service can continue without […]

Gaikai cloud-based gaming
Gaikai is currently in beta mode, but it is already capable of letting gamers have a go at a wide range of games and software for free, including Eve Online, Mario Kart, World of Warcraft and Photoshop – all you need is a browser as well as Flash support. Hmm, sounds like Quake Live in some aspects, eh? Well, without the need to install any software, we’re guessing that Gaikai […]

Crysis on iPhone, kind of...
Crysis has recently been demonstrated on an iPhone, but before you get too excited, the game was executed on a PC but streamed over the network to an iPhone, making the iPhone the actual gaming platform. the concept is not new, companies like OnLive did similar demonstrations -on other platforms- at GDC. OTOY, the company behind the Crysis demo is currently working on the same type of gaming over the […]

OnLive 'Cloud Gaming' Hands-On at GDC 09
[GDC09] If you followed yesterday’s coverage, you should know that Onlive is a startup that is trying to deliver gaming over the web. In essence, you would be remote-controlling a gaming PC located in OnLive’s datacenter, as if you were using a super-fast remote desktop or VNC application. There’s a lot of excitement but also skepticism around this approach, so we decided to try it for ourselves at GDC 09.Of […]

OTOY Server-Side 3D Rendering is Taking the Wrong Path
OTOY is the latest company that plans to build what is essentially a distributed gaming service that let users play on any internet-connected computer or mobile device without buying a powerful machine. Even better, OTOY claims that it can bring gaming with movie-like graphics “like Transformers or WALL•E” over the web, according to TechCrunch. Powerful hardware can mean Gaming PC, Xbox 360 or PS3. While I’m sure that OTOY has […]