One of the ways that manufacturers differentiate their Android phones from the competition would be through its features. Another way would be through its user interface (UI) such as the HTC Sense, the Samsung TouchWiz, Motorola Blur, etc. While some manufacturers try not to tweak the stock Android too much, others prefer giving it a complete overhaul and that is what Sharp is looking to do. The company announced today that they will be releasing a new UI for its series of Android smartphones to help differentiate itself from the rest of the competition.


According to Sharp, this new UI will be dubbed “Feel UX” and will feature a simplistic layout with large icons and will allow users to access the phone’s many features through the lockscreen itself. The lock screen can also be tweaked to automatically change its background depending on the weather and display messages and information as well. The Feel UX will be introduced to the company’s series of Android handsets in Japan first but they are “exploring its potential use in smartphones destined for international markets.”

Since the majority of Sharp Android phones are limited to the Japanese market, we guess we will have to wait until Sharp starts offering more selection to its US and international customers before we know what all the fuss is about.

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