We know that when it comes to gaming, South Korea has both a vibrant and a rather strict gaming culture going on at the same time. Now it seems that PlayStation 3 gamers who are looking to access the PlayStation Store in South Korea might suddenly find themselves unable to access it. According to reports, a new “Game Industry Promotion Act” will be going into effect starting on the 1st of July in South Korea. What this new law does is that it makes it illegal for online services to ask someone who is under the age of 18 to verify their account with their real name or age.

In response to the new law, Sony will be taking the PlayStation Store down in South Korea, pending compliance and is expected to resume services sometime later this year although no specific dates were mentioned. If you feel that this is rather sudden, we can’t help but to agree with you. However this will only affect the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 owners as PSP and PS Vita gamers will still be able to access them. Multiplayer will not be affected and will continue to be available via PSN. So any South Korean gamers out there bummed by this news?

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