At the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California today, the company launched the world’s first electric sedan, the Model S. Tesla said that it will develop 5,000 Model S cars by the end of this year, with over 20,000 units to follow next year. The company said that the 5-door Model S sedan was carefully engineered to meet the expectations of what a premium sedan should be. The Model S promises to compete with the top cars of its class in terms of handling and style, with zero emissions.

In terms of space, the interior of the car allows for additional cargo space in the front of the vehicle. Currently, the Model S has already received more than 10,000 reservations. Tesla said that it will start delivering units in Europe and in Asia next year. As for the price, you can check out the Model S pricing options here.

“In 2009, we set out to build the most innovative car of the 21st century, and since then have dedicated ourselves to developing and testing Model S to ensure that under any situation, Model S never disappoints. Today we achieved our goal with an exceptional car that we believe sets a new standard for efficiency, safety, style, technology, operating cost and performance,” Tesla Motors co-founder and CEO Elon Musk said.

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