A couple of weeks ago, there were plenty of rumors circulating at that time about Facebook looking to launch another Facebook phone. Many were skeptical given the “success” of the HTC ChaCha, but at the same time it was possible that Facebook could have come up with something new entirely. Either way the idea of a Facebook phone has since spawned a couple of concepts, one of which we saw about two weeks back and it looks like here we are again with yet another concept.

Designed by Tolga Tuncer, this particular concept features a phone shaped like a wedge. It’s particularly long so we’re not sure how it’s going to fit into pockets or handbags, but we have to admit that it looks interesting. In place of the position where a home button is normally located is a “Like” button. The speakers and the microphone of the handset have been moved to the back, so if you want to make or receive a call, you will have to turn it around.

There are also a couple of dedicated buttons which will launch Instagram and Spotify, while a button at the top serves as a message notification and will provide direct access to your messaging center. It certainly looks weird but it does incorporate several Facebook features into it. What do you guys think? Would this particular Facebook phone concept be one you wouldn’t mind seeing become a reality?

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