Last week was rich in video game news at E3, and we’ve seen our fair share of new games, but you may want to check this new video that shows yet another side of the Unreal 4 Engine: how it runs inside their development tools, what technical artists can do with it, and how they can iterate on the different changes they are working on.

You may realize this or not, but one of the most difficult aspect of building a video game is to enable the production team (game designers, artists, programmers) to quickly build, add, try and change everything in a game. Because each iteration makes the game a little better, it is critical that the workflow lets them do that fast and often. Poor while poor graphics rendering may or may not hurt a game sales, poor production workflow is what really kills game companies as their development costs balloon. Of course, we know that the UE4 Engine is pretty awesome, but check the integration with the tools: it’s mind-blowing.

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