What would you do if you were unhappy with your smartphone contract? Most people would just let out a sight, maybe exchange a few ugly words with the employee, but mostly keep to themselves. One man took it to the extreme on Saturday. Jason Codner, a 42 year old male from Salford, England was unhappy with the fact that the employee refused to give him the refund he requested, despite it clearly being outside the stated terms and conditions according to a T-Mobile representative.He then began to physically destroy the store ripping phones and displays off the wall and started firing the fire extinguisher around the store.


The incident happened at the Manchester store in England. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the altercation and the man has been charged with criminal damage and public order offenses. With smartphone plan prices continuing to rise and with economic difficulty in Europe as well as the US, will public incidents such as this continue to happen? Who knows, but it is definitely something that T-Mobile as well as other carriers will have to consider in the future. Check out the full video below.

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