When it comes to choosing which smartphone platform to go for, user-friendliness, features, aesthetics, customizability, and etc. are all features worthy of consideration. However given that apps pretty much bring the phone’s usability to a whole new level and adds convenience, a fun factor, increased productivity, and efficiency, choosing the platform with the most apps could sometimes be a deciding factor as well. That being said, if you’re thinking of making the switch from a feature phone to a smartphone, you might be interested to learn that during Apple’s Q3 earnings call, it was reported that the iTunes App Store has hit a whopping 650,000 apps, 250,000 of which have been designed for the iPad in mind, with Apple paying out $5.5 billion to developers already.

Granted you probably won’t go through 10% of the apps, but we guess it is safe to assume that with so many apps out there, you’ll probably find something you’ll want. Alternatively and to give it a bit of perspective, the Google Play store has reportedly hit 600,000 apps so far which means that the gap between iOS apps and Android apps should not be too far apart, with Android apps possibly overtaking iOS in the near future.

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