The Raspberry Pi is one tiny computer that has since taken the developer world by storm ever since it was introduced to the masses earlier this year, and for good reason, too. Enthusiasts need not fork out too much money, and with enough creativity and skill, they are able to build their very own working computer to look just like how they want it to be. Well, popular ChromiumOS developer Hexxeh has spent his fair share of time with the Raspberry Pi, where his most recent experiment would be a beta version of the Chromium browser that is said to be able to run on Raspbian images. Do bear in mind that this is not the full Chromium OS as that is still under the purview of the development phase, it ought to make life easier if one wants to browse through the treasure trove of information that we call the Internet on a $35 computer. You might want to consider overclocking your Raspberry Pi to get this up and running though without tearing your hair out while waiting.

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