If you are one who has plenty of time and spend it surfing eBay as well as all the wonders that the online auction site offers, perhaps the latest item on offer might just pique your interest – we are talking about €1 million worth of games for sale, where these titles are meant for action across different Nintendo, Sega and PC platforms. We are talking about every single game ever released from the NES all the way to the GameCube, as well as all titles on Sega systems in addition to NEC systems.


Even if the Virtual Boy was a complete and utter failure, the full set of 19 games are also up for sale, including Virtual Bowling, SD Gundam Dimension War, Virtual Lab, and Space Invaders. These will come complete in their respective boxes with instructions, or are completely brand new too boot. In fact, Virtual Bowling is being sold for just $2,000 a pop!

Got any disposable cash to spare?

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