You know something, the Japanese sure have a knack of coming up with the weirdest naming conventions for their products, making one feel as though he or she were living in a manga society. The EDV-01 is a good example, if I did not know any better, I might have thought that it hailed from some form of Macross-like universe. Actually, the EDV-01 is a Disaster Response Unit that was specially developed by Daiwa Lease and announced to the world in January 2011. Basically, the EDV-01 Disaster Response Unit will offer two people the ability to live comfortably for around one month, without getting cut off from basic (modern) necessities including water, electricity and communication equipment.

Just in case there is a real wide scale emergency, relief organizations are able to deliver this international standard size shipping container via air, sea or land, which can be used right after installation on the spot. As for the outer wall of the container, it can be raised in around 260 seconds to create a two-storey structure. The living space will be on the second floor, while the kitchen, bath and toilet are located on the first floor.

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