The Eliodomestico water filtration system has picked up a gong this year under the “Professional Winner for Social Impact”, where it was conceived by Gabriele Diamanti to be an improvement over the current water filtration system. This particular project is not only simple and straightforward, it will also do its part well to ensure that folks who drink water need not look for unsafe and unhygienic sources any more. After all, it has a no-nonsense construction that helps keep production costs down, and is constructed from readily available materials.

To put it in a nutshell, Eliodomestico is an open-source eco-distiller that is powered by solar energy in order to deliver safe drinking water for the masses, especially those who live in developing countries. It produces freshwater in a simple manner, using sea or brackish water for starters. Capable of producing up to 5 liters of life giving water daily thanks to a direct solar-powered distillation process, Eliodomestico does not require filters or electricity to work, and has minimal maintenance. Sounds like a dream device to own, no?

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