Bill Gates has so much money that he intends to give away most of his wealth when he and his wife passes on, but this does not mean the man is about to squander his wealth away when he is still alive. No sir, his philanthropic activities are extremely well known, and this time around, our attention shifts to the funding provided by Bill Gates to develop a new machine which is capable of filtering toilet waste into water that can be drunk.


According to Manchester University’s Sarah Haigh, an expert in nanotechnology, developments in the field of science of manipulating atoms in matter might prove to be the key in transforming waste water from toilets to become safe enough to drink. This scaffold device will hold a mixture of bacteria and tiny metal nano-particles, where they in turn react with the water in order to extract useful hydrogen, while the remainder will go through the filtration process again to produce clean water. I am not sure whether it is psychologically appealing to know of my water’s source, how about you?

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