Fans of Bioware’s popular Mass Effect 3 will be pleased to hear that a free DLC will be released next week. Microsoft’s Director of Xbox Live programming Larry Hryb announced on his blog that the DLC will be available on July 17 and will be titled Earth.Another tiny bit of news for fans is that Mass Effect 3 Spectre packs have a chance of containing the extremely-rare Prothean Particle Rifle(shown below) starting today according to Bioware’s Chris Priestly.

Unfortunately, we do not have any other info on the DLC content, but you’ll only have to wait a week until it comes out. If you are a Mass Effect 3 fan, do you have the two previous DLCs(Resurgence and Rebellion)? Are you excited for this new DLC? What do you expect knowing the title? Let us know in the comments section below.

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