Just as we reported nearly a fortnight ago, Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC will be released later today, where the inclusion of downloadable content allows the team over at BioWare to be able to write new chapters that will further enhance Shepard’s legacy without having to disrupt the game’s continuity as well as consistency in the story itself. BioWare claims that they approach each DLC in a different manner, as they have to take into account sensitivities involved in a single player or multiplayer context. With both however, BioWare’s team promises to aim high all the time in order for fans to thoroughly enjoy their Mass Effect experience, now and in the future.

BioWare intends to continue their culture of creating emotionally charged stories for gamers, and with Mass Effect 3 Leviathan, it will offer the chance to return to Commander Shepard as the main protagonist, while taking the opportunity to explore some of the themes which are important to the trilogy, such as the origin of the Reapers. Are you looking forward to the Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC later today on PSN Live? With over 2,000 new lines of recorded dialogue as well as dozens of new cinematic sequences, it should keep you occupied for a fair bit of time, unless you are one of those who prefer to blitz through a game.

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