me3rew_610The Mass Effect franchise is a pretty popular one, although the original ending of Mass Effect 3 left much to be desired, in a way almost sullying the Mass Effect franchise especially given that Mass Effect 3 was the end of the game’s trilogy. However it seems that despite BioWare’s attempt at offering a “better” ending for gamers, there are still some who think that the ending could have been much better. There are probably fans out there who have created fan fiction that offered alternative endings, although we have yet to come across anything as detailed as Gerry Pugliese’s own alternative ending.

Dubbed Vindication, Pugliese calls it his attempt to “patch up, rework, and fix” the final chapter of one of the “great video game stories ever told”. Pugliese’s efforts have resulted in a 539 page document that details all the changes and additions that he would have made to the game that would make it “better”. It has been a work in progress for over a year and for those who are interested in checking out his work, you can check out the PDF in its entirety here. Now we should note that this is all subjective since there are some reviews who found the game to be entirely satisfactory and are pleased with how the story ended.

At the same time we guess the majority disagrees which resulted in BioWare releasing the extended cut DLC, but what do you guys think? Any Mass Effect 3 gamers out there who are happy with the way the story ended? Or would you much prefer Pugliese’s own take on the game?

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