Although most big PC companies seem to be against the whole building your own custom computer idea, with the exception of allowing you to customize a couple of features that they have pre-selected, Fujitsu has decided to go against that notion with its new Hands-on Custom PC Assembly Service.

Japanese citizens can take the class that helps teach them how to install their pick of processor, hard drives, and RAM from a limited selection. The program won’t be completely from scratch, as the motherboard will already be installed, but it will take students through the whole process of building their own custom computer. Students will also be able to choose how many components they wish to add and can also learn important safety measures such as wearing anti-static wristbands.

This course will help make those who take it more comfortable working on the inside of a computer and will probably help relieve some of the technical support calls that Fujitsu receives. The service will begin on August 9th and customers will be able to choose from different Eprimo models and a Lifebook. The price will vary based on the cost of the computer plus the cost of assembly. Hopefully other American PC companies will be inspired by Fujitsu’s actions and will offer a class similar to this or at least allow the option to custom-build your own PC. Would you be interested in taking a class like this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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