Google announced the availability of driving directions on Google Maps in many African countries way back in 2010. Today, the Mountain View-based tech giant is announcing that it will add walking directions to over 44 countries in the continent. To start using the walking directions feature, users will have to click “Get directions” and input a starting and ending point. Users can also enter a direction in the search field, click “Directions” in a window, or simply right click on the map to get directions to a specific location.

Clicking on the walking button on Google Maps will change the mode from driving directions. However, Google notes that the feature is currently in beta and that it must be used with caution, as the directions and routes could be missing. “Walking directions are editable, so if anything is amiss, you can correct it with our community mapping tool Google Map Maker. Google Map Maker is a tool that allows you to add and update geographic information for millions of users to see in Google Maps and Google Earth. We are always grateful to our active African online cartographers who have helped make our African maps what they are today,” Google said.

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