Intel has just announced that it is introducing a new 240GB version of its Series 330 solid state drive (SDD). At the same time, the company is lowering the manufacturer suggested price (MRSP) on previous models in the 330 Series, but also the 520 Series and 320 Series.


The new Series 330 240GB will come at $194 MRSP, but we’ll have to see if online prices get lower than this. With this offering, Intel breaks the $1/GB barrier, just like the industry predicted last year, and we expect pretty much every SSD manufacturer to get there by year’s end.

The good news is that this is not over. Moore’s law dictates that prices will continue to plunge, while capacity rises. In the meantime, expect more and more computers to use SSD drives to accelerate file access and as it stands, this is still one of the best upgrade that a computer can get. Don’t miss our Intel SSD 320 Series review.

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