Marine DroneWhile it’s never too late to stop the pollution of earth, what do we do about the rubbish that’s already been dumped on our planet? We’ve already got a number of robots doing the job on land and in space but what about the ocean? Well, this Marine Drone concept created by Elie Ahovi and his team might be the answer, an underwater-based drone that goes around the ocean collecting rubbish .

It makes use of a special maw-like butterfly net that picks up plastic bottles and other objects that don’t belong in the ocean. It runs silently on water-proof batteries (that I assume are rechargeable). To ensure that the Marine Drone doesn’t catch wildlife along with the trash, it emits an irritating signal that causes them to flee from it. Once it has collected a full load, it returns to the surface where a crew can use a crane to pick up the rubbish for proper disposal.

No word on when we’ll be seeing such robots, but it sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Find out more.

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