I am quite sure than many of us have tried throwing a crunched up piece of paper towards the waste basket in an effort to replicate our basketball heroes who tend to make the money shots whenever they are on court. Well, here is one way where you might want to hone your skills through a fun method – that is, using this Microsoft Kinect powered trash can that moves around on wheels. It will obviously be hooked up to a wall-mounted Microsoft Kinect sans wires, where it will rely on the Kinect’s motion tracking capabilities to trackgarbage which flies through the air, and then making its move to the correct spot in order to pick up the flying piece of rubbish.

I suppose that there is a minimum angle of trajectory which the piece of rubbish needs to be thrown in order for this seemingly alive trash can to be able to catch the rubbish. Needless to say, plenty of programming and engineering thought have gone into this seemingly humble trash can that moves and “talks” to the Kinect.

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