Noisy Typer – a typewriter for your laptop. from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

While some users prefer a keyboard where the keys are soft and relatively silent, there are users who prefer the “clack” sound of keyboards like the IBM Model M back in the day. While you can go out and buy a mechanical keyboard that gives you the rather satisfying “clack”, mechanical keyboards in general tend to be on the pricey side and not many can justify spending $90-$100 on such a keyboard. Well the good news is that if you use a Mac and you just want the “clack” sound to accompany your typing, you’re in luck as an app dubbed the Noisy Typer is available as a free download.

In the case the name itself and the accompanying video did not give it away, Noisy Typer for Mac simulates the sound of typewriter keys being pressed. It sounds pretty spot on, although there are reports that there is a very tiny delay between key presses and the sound, but apparently it’s negligible. Either way if you’re curious and want to give it a go, head on down to its website for the download or check out the video above to see/hear it in action!

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